Mike was honored to be on Mark Immelman’s On The Mark Podcast.
Here are the podcast notes:

Mike Fay With has over 25 years of golf teaching experience. Voted the Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike has quickly become one of the top golf coaches in the country. He also hosts his own podcast, The Mike Fay Golf Podcast, which connects students of the game to great coaches.

Mike joins “On the Mark” to share his take on golf instruction and game improvement. He talks about Mike Fay Golf University where you can get online instruction and golf content to improve your game.

Mike then dives into a few ways that will ensure that you make your practice more productive and you turn your time invested into lower scores.

He talks about:

Budgeting time to get the most out of your practice sessions.

Putting Drills to improve long-range lag putting and short makeable putts.

Short Game work focussing on Target Practice, varying shot trajectories and spin control.

Randomizing Driving Range time and Target Selection.

Developing consistent Ball-striking skills

Indoor Drills incl. Slow-motion work, Mirror work, Stretching and Mobility, and Mindfulness and Visualization and Course Strategy.

Make the most of your practice time. Download and learn keys to turn your work into lower scores!

Here’s a link to the podcast.  Click Below

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