You see it happen a couple of times each year.  A golfer commits a rules violation and doesn’t notice it and neither do his fellow competitors.  A viewer watching the tournament on television notices it, makes a few phone calls, and brings the rules violation to the forefront.  The player is ten penalized as a result.

Do you feel this is fair?  Should a television viewer be able to affect the outcome of a golf tournament?  In my opinion, it is ridiculous.  Do you see this happening in football if a referee misses a call?  That is why rules officials are present at golf tournaments.  They should be the ones making the calls.  Like most other sports, rules violations should be enforced during play by players and officials.  Have you ever seen a baseball score change after the completion of a game?

If people can call in then no player should win a tournament until all pieces of film are reviewed and verified for rules violations.  If an infraction is missed by a player, his opponent/fellow-competitor, and the rules officials, then that should be the end of it..  A television viewer should not be able to call in an infraction.  Golf, like any other sport, is a game that also includes human error.

These are my thoughts.  What are your thoughts?  If you have an opinion please respond to Mike Fay Golf.

Frank Guastella, PGA Rules Official Michigan Section PGA
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