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Mike Fay

Mike is one of the premier junior golf instructors in Michigan and country.  He has earned both state and national recognition for his work in junior golf development and has helped some of Michigan’s best junior golfers achieve their dreams.  Mike has been the recipient of 21 state and national awards including a two time winner of the Michigan PGA Player Development award, 3 time winner of the U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teacher Award, the U.S. Kids Master Kids Teacher In The World Award, the Future Champions Top 25 Junior Elite Coach award. Most recently receiving the 2022 Golf Range Association Top 100 Growth of the Game Teacher award for the second time in his career.  He was named the 2020 Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year. Mike is listed as one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in Michigan.

Mike’s junior golf programs create a fun relaxed learning environment.  He has taught National and State Champions.  He has also played a role in the development of the First Tee of Northern Michigan.  So if you are a highly competitive player or just want to have more fun, Mike and his staff can help!





Mike Fay Junior Golf Coaching Programs

Junior Private Lessons

junior Private Golf lessons are booked by appointment only.
Members & Non-MEmbers of wccc are Welcome For all Golf Instruction.





Learning Golf Is A Process

  • POD Coaching Sessions
  • Private Coaching Sessions
  • TPI Golf Fitness Evaluations
  • Trackman ball flight analysis
  • Short Game Skills
  • Mental Game Coaching
  • On Course Work
  • Junior Golf Scoreboard
  • How To Get recruited
  • Use of the Online Coaching System from home while enrolled
  • Learn golf, make friends, & have fun
  • Much More


Each junior golfer’s coaching program is customized to the players needs.  We work together to look at each part of the game and find what needs improvement to lower scores.

Mike Fay Golf POD Program Logo

Junior POD Training

Monthly Training Memberships

  • Juniors who love golf
  • Available Year Round

*Levels are not based on skill level.  They are based upon how much time you have to devote to the game.  The more time you devote, the faster you achieve your goals.

JUNIOR POD | The Starter

Designed for students who want to advance to the next level.

  • (2) Junior POD Supervised Practice Sessions per month.
  • (1) Private Coaching Session per month.

JUNIOR POD | The Competitor

Designed for students who play competitive golf.

  • (2) Junior POD Supervised Practice Sessions per month.
  • (2) Private Coaching Sessions per month.

JUNIOR POD | The Collegiate

Designed For students with want to play college golf.

  • (3) Junior POD Supervised Practice Sessions per month.
  • (2) Private Coaching Sessions per month.

Junior POD

What to create your own POD?

Girls Golf Performance Mike Fay Golf Academy


This program is designed for girls who play High School and Middle School golf. All abilities are welcome to participate.  This program mixes skill development, on course course coaching, tournament preparation, short game and full swing instruction. The overall goal of the program is to prepare high school girls for the upcoming high school golf season and help middle school girls prepare to make their high school teams.

Mike Fay Golf Academy




PRIVATE Monthly Training programs
FUTURE, CURRENT high school players,
and collegiate golfers


Here at the Mike Fay Golf Academy, we have a long history of teaching some of our country’s best high school junior golfers and college players. Our award-winning program is designed for tournament players who want to reach the next level and beyond.

Dedicating a number of hours of training with Academy to develop the skills needed to succeed is important at any level of play. There are different levels of training that our team has used to teach state champions and collegiate winners at any level from around the country. This monthly training is offered year-round. You will see the “Players Logo” at tournaments around the country.

For those of you looking to be recruited, you will learn at your own pace and what it will take to play college golf. Which tournaments to play and how much you should practice. How to balance life with golf. We help you achieve your goals through hard work and dedication to the game.

For college players you will not only learn how to make your travel teams but what it take to win at the collegiate level.


Mike Fay Junior Golf Coaching Programs


For more than 30 years we have helped 141 juniors achieve their dreams of playing college golf and beyond.


The Drive Chip & Putt Training is designed to help juniors play their best in the 2023 Drive Chip & Putt Championship.  The Drive Chip & Putt Program is where juniors compete in age brackets in the three categories of driving, chipping, and putting.  There are local qualifiers, sub-regional, regional, and finally to the national championship at Augusta National.   Competition sign up is free and you must be signed up through the National Drive Chip & Putt website to enroll in this program.

Joshua Lavely

2018 Drive Chip & Putt National Finalist
Augusta National Golf Club
DCP National Long Drive Champion
DCP National Chipping Champion

Carly Lukins

2018 Drive Chip & Putt Regional Qualifier
Muirfield Village Golf Club

Blake Springstead

2019 Drive Chip & Putt Regional Qualifier
Muirfield Village Golf Club

Annabelle Minneman

2020 Drive Chip & Putt Regional Qualifier
Oakland Hills Country Club

The 2023 Drive Chip & Putt Championship is open to boys and girls ages 7-15. Boys and girls will compete in separate divisions in four age categories: 7-9 years old; 10-11 years old; 12-13 years old; and 14-15 years old.



Since it’s inception in 2016 Mike’s coaching programs have helped produce 34 subregional qualifiers, 3 regional qualifiers, and 1 national finalist.


Mike has been awarded the highest honor an instructor can achieve from U.S. Kids Golf.  These individuals have earned the distinction of Master Kids Teacher by winning the Top 50 Kids Teacher Award three or more times. Chosen based on their contributions to junior golf, such as: time devoted to teaching young golfers; innovation, creativity and fun in their programs; communication; parental involvement; and overall effort to grow the game.

Mike was named a Top 25 Junior Elite Coach in the USA by Future Champions Golf.  This award highlights Mike’s work for taking competitive golfers to new levels.

GRAA Top 100 Growth Of The Game Teaching Professional Mike Fay

2022 Michigan PGA Deacon Palmer Award
2020 Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year
2019 Michigan PGA Player Development Award
2016 Michigan PGA Player Development Award

“Mike Fay is the consummate golf professional, he is engaging and works hard to not only instruct a player, but to understand the player and their particular needs.  He is approachable and willing to work with anyone, he’s got a lot of patience to go along with his skill set.  We had the good fortune to have Mike as our lead Assistant Pro and Instructor at Fairmount Country Club in Chatham, NJ for 4 years.  During that time Mike grew the Junior program, he got my son hooked on the game.  We miss him at FCC and envy the golfers who get to work with Mike improving their performance and deepening their love of the game.”

Michael Standing

Chatham, New Jersey


Mike Fay is an excellent, highly  knowledgeable and well-experienced  golf instructor I highly recommend.  As a former pro athlete I’ve enjoyed success in several sports. However, despite playing golf on and off for over 50 years, and even winning some lower level tournaments, good consistent golf remained a mystery to me. Mike has demystified shot making by educating me so that  I know and can feel how to execute correct  shots.  His insightful teaching assisted by the latest electronic and visual shot analysis has helped me significantly improve accuracy and distance.   With Mike’s instruction, I have especially enjoyed being able to pitch and chip utilizing more spin for control to stay close to the pin.  I wish I had Mike’s instruction years ago.

Richard Vary

Saginaw, MI

Trackman 4

Trackman is the leading ball flight Doppler radar system in the world. Used by LPGA and PGA Tour players alike, Trackman has changed the way we coach golf. Our academy uses Trackman to help you understand what your golf ball is doing and how to improve your overall game.

What Is Trackman?

Trackman Simulator

SportsBox AI Logo

We use the 3D technology of Sportsbox to take your learning to a whole new level.

Coach Now

Our staff's online coaching system is integrated with Coach Now to engage our players through their mobile devices.  All coaching sessions use Coach Now to record progress.  It's a fascinating program that helps to build your golf game.

Mike Fay Golf University

Another part of the Mike Fay Golf Academy Online Coaching System is MFG University, the Online School of Golf. Hundreds of videos and articles helping you play better golf.



Tracking your game helps you know your areas that you need to work on.  We connect with you through V1 Game to help you identify problems areas and monitor improvement.

Swing Catalyst Logo Mike Fay Golf Academy

swing catalyst

Force/pressure & balance data is a vital part of modern sport performance coaching.  Our academy uses this data to help you play better golf.


Golf fitness is more important than ever.  Our staff is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute to give you a body screening to see your strongest and weakest parts.  Having this knowledge and working on these areas allows you to swing the golf club better. Let us design a golf fitness program just for you.

Hackmotion Ambassador Mike Fay


The wrists play a big role in playing golf and Hackmotion is the portable wrist sensor that shows you everything that your wrists do through out the swing.  Mike is a proud brand ambassador for Hackmotion.  

Stack System Logo

The Stack System

Our academy uses the Stack System to monitor our player's speed training.   Increasing speed and gaining distance helping you achieve your goals.



DECADE is a math based golf strategy system that helps our players achieve their goals.

Fay's Junior Tournament Information Board

The Road Begins Here....

Wondering Where To Play?

Below is where Mike's Players Play

Metro Detroit

U.S. Kids Golf Southeast Michigan Junior Tour

U.S. Kids Golf Southeast Michigan Junior Tour is located in and around Metro Detroit.

Kensington Junior Golf Tour

The Kensington Valley Golf Tour serves Livingston, Washtenaw, Oakland and Wayne counties of Metro Detroit.

Statewide & National


Drive, Chip & Putt Championship is a nation wide event where juniors progress from local qualifying, sub-regional, regional, and finally onto the national championship at Augusta National.

Faldo Hurricane Series

Our academy has partnered with the Faldo Hurricane Series!  This nationally run event finishes with a broadcast on CBS Sports.

U.S. Kids Golf

U.S. Kids Golf hosts events throughout the summer in Southeast Michigan and national tournaments around the country.

Future Champions Golf

Future Champions Golf hosts events world wide with college coach exposure.

Callaway Meijer Junior Golf Tour

The Callaway Meijer Junior Golf Tour hosts events in  Michigan offering college exposure.

Top 50 Junior Golf Tour

The Top 50 Junior Tour hosts events in  Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Carolinas, and Tennessee offering college exposure.


American Junior Golf Association offers nation wide events with college exposure.

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