Hitting Approach Shots Over Hazards

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May 10, 2011
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August 22, 2011
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Hitting Approach Shots Over Hazards

Are you the person that has the “special” ball that you put into play when you are faced with an approach shot over a hazard like water?  Well, say goodbye to those old balls because with this video tip, you won’t have to do that ever again.
Knowing the golf course you are playing is very important.  The shape of the green and the yardage from the front of the green to the back plays a roll in how far you actually carry a golf ball in the air.  Now with Trackman and other ball launch devices, we can see how far golfers actually carry their shots.  Know your carry yardage and know the golf course.

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  1. Ken Barley says:

    Nice video on clubbing up. I always try to be past the flag on water shots. We have three boys and when they were little we would buy them milk shakes if they hit it in the water. They would try hitting in the water before they could hit over it. They never had any fear of water after that.

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