The Wedge Range

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September 9, 2013
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October 28, 2013
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The Wedge Range

Want to score better?  Of course you do!  The Wedge Range at Boyne Mountain Resort opened this past July to rave reviews!  A place to help you with your game from 100 yards and in!
What’s a Wedge Range?  Our wedge range at Boyne Mountain is specifically designed for you to “dial” in your shots from 30-100 yards.  Spread out in a baseball diamond shape at the back of the Boyne Mountain Learning Center are cement targets placed in the ground.
Hit the target and watch your ball sail into the air! All distances on the Wedge Range are measured from a plate mounted in the middle of the teeing ground back there.  So, where ever you go, you can play from just about any distance you want.
Now you will know exactly how far you hit your clubs! Come up and play on Northern Michigan’s first Wedge Range!  Lower your scores and have fun!

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  1. Sounds amazing! I’m always looking for ways to improve my golfing skills.

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