We will continue our journey through the principal Rules changes introduced for 2012 by discussing Rule 20-7c Playing from Wrong Place; Stroke Play.  Note 3, under Rule 20-7c has been amended so that if a player is penalized for playing from a wrong place, in most cases the penalty will be limited to two strokes, even if another Rule has been breached prior to his making the stroke.

Note 3 now states:  “If a player incurs a penalty for making a stroke from a wrong place, there is no additional penalty for:

(a)    Substituting a ball when not permitted;

(b)   Dropping a ball when the Rules require it to be placed, or placing a ball when the Rules require it to be dropped;

(c)    Dropping a ball in an improper manner; or

(d)   A ball being put into play by a person not permitted to do so under the Rules”

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