Tour Aim Golf Training Aid


Great alignment and aim is the start of great golf


At Tour Aim Golf our mission is to create a community around the best golf training aid on the market.

Tour Aim was designed and produced by Tour Aim’s founder and CEO, Noah Wolf.

Noah could only get away during the week to squeeze in some range time and had terrible range habits.

He found using swing aids and alignment sticks cumbersome to use and he wasn’t sure how they were supposed to help him align and aim. After hitting ball after ball, not paying attention to alignment and aim, some bad swing habits developed. These habits translated to high scores and lots of lost balls on the golf course.

With the sole focus of making practicing golf more effective and efficient, Noah created Tour Aim.

With every aspect of the golf swing starting with proper alignment and aim, Noah quickly saw the benefits of using Tour Aim as an effective practice tool. As a result, Noah’s handicap dropped from 11 to 6 in three months. With these results, feedback from hundreds of golfers, and teaching pros, Noah brought Tour Aim to the market.


Now hundreds of teaching pros and amateurs around the world are using Tour Aim to improve their games and their student's games.

 Proper target alignment and aim is the first step in the golf swing.  If you are not properly aligned to your target your golf shot is doomed before you even swing. 

TOUR AIM: True Target Aim

Aim Better | Play Better | Score Better


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