What’s it like to stay in the moment? Ask Kyle Stanley. As the Pebble Beach Pro-Am just wrapped up, I want to bring you back to the last two weeks of golf and what Kyle Stanley didn’t and did accomplish.

In the momenta phrase many of us have heard if we have taken golf lessons or have played golf at a high level or any other sport for that matter. To many, it is the phrase that brings us back to reality. It’s the phrase that reminds us not to worry about the next hole-par 5 with a good drive, 240 yards to the pin over water. It’s a phrase that tells us put the past in the past and leave it there. Not being in the moment tells us to lay-up because of past failures.

To watch Kyle Stanley come from behind and win is impressive. To know that he lost the week before in extra holes and to win in the fashion he did was that much more impressive. In the moment.

How can we apply what Kyle Stanley did in our weekend games or other arenas of sports? Essentially, when playing a sport, failure is inevitable. Actually, it is essential. When coaching or playing we all have moments that we wish we could do over. We have moments that could potential define us and keep us from progressing. By staying in the moment, we allow ourselves to focus on the essential without worrying about outcomes. By staying in the moment, we are able to focus on simple thoughts and execute what needs to be done-regardless of results.

For many of us, outcomes are what define us. This is what gets in the way of progress. Thinking about the past inhibits and stunts our future. For Kyle Stanley, he easily could have finished with a respectable 20-30 place finish and no one would have thought anything less of him. Instead, by staying in the moment and focusing on each shot, he was able to win the tournament he just lost a short week ago.

Stay in the moment, focus on the task at hand and execute. Something we all can apply to our daily lives and not just golf.

Scott Kapla, Mike Fay Golf Staff Writer

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