Get Your Knuckles Down


One common problem I see with beginning golfers is topping golf shots.  Here’s why….

When a golf ball is topped one of three things happened:

  1. You have come out of your posture through the swing and you are now above the ball.
  2. The bottom of your swing has moved behind the ball and by the time you get to the ball, you are above it.
  3. Your hands are not ahead of the ball at impact.

Try this…..

Through impact, feel like you turn your bottom hand knuckles to the ground at impact.  Make sure your hands are ahead of the ball at the same time.  These two things should get you hitting the ball better.

Mike Fay

Mike Fay

PGA Director of Instruction

With over 25 years of teaching experience, it's easy to see why Mike has become a leader in the world of golf instruction. Everything from cutting edge social networking techniques to having his own podcast, Mike has helped to change the face of teaching golf.  He currently is the Director of Instruction at Walnut Creek Country Club in South Lyon, Michigan.


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