December 20, 2017

Golf Channel’s Matt Adams Comes To Boyne

We had a fun two days spending time with Matt Adams and his wife Donna when they can to visit Boyne this Winter.  Matt broadcasted his SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio Show Fairways […]
October 28, 2017

Fay Named To Golf Digest Best Teachers In Your State (2017-2018)-Michigan

October 20, 2015
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Mike Fay Golf Seminars

We are proud to announce that Mike will be conducting golf seminars in the upcoming months.  The below seminars are open to all ages and here are the topics, locations, dates, and times. Ball […]
October 16, 2015
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Better Distance Control On Wedge Shots

One of the things I am often asked is:  “How do I get better distance control on wedge shots?” At Boyne Mountain Resort we have installed northern Michigan’s first Wedge Range.  This area […]
October 12, 2015
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Play Faster Golf

A movement across America in the last several years has been finding ways to play faster golf.  One of the main reasons why golf has been on the decline lately is because […]
September 9, 2015

Use The Tee Drill For Better Chipping

In this video Mike Fay shows you a great drill to help you with your short game.  This video was featured on Mike Fay Golf Live. Bad short game shots could be the […]
August 25, 2015

Hitting The Center Of The Golf Club Face

Until the past several years we really didn’t know how important hitting your golf ball on the center of the golf club face really was.  Through the magic of technology, we now […]
November 18, 2014

How To Repair A Ball Mark

How To Fix A Ball Mark The USGA has released a great video about repairing ball marks we wanted to share with you.  In th following video, find out why it’s important […]
November 15, 2014
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Factors of Controlling Golf Ball Spin

We all watch the pros on TV and think:  How did they get that golf ball to stop so fast?  How about back up? What makes that golf ball spin so much? […]
March 20, 2014
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Video: Chip The Ball Better

In the following video Mike explains what he like to see out of good chippers of the golf ball.  Check it out! Please leave your comments below! We’d love to hear from […]
March 15, 2014
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Bad Takeaways Can Lead To Bad Golf Swings

Staying connected is a major source of power in the golf swing.  We usually see two different faults that can cause you problems with connection and they both are rooted in the […]
October 28, 2013
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Course Strategy Series: Risk-Reward

In this video Mike shows you how to access risks on the course to lower your scores.   Mike Fay Boyne PGA Professional
September 11, 2013
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

The Wedge Range

Want to score better?  Of course you do!  The Wedge Range at Boyne Mountain Resort opened this past July to rave reviews!  A place to help you with your game from 100 […]
February 23, 2013
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Save The Width For Your Backswing-from

  Watch Mike’s SwingFix lesson here…courtesy of
February 3, 2013
Mike Fay Golf Instructor Videos Michigan

Not Hitting The Ball Solid? Try This Drill

In this video, Mike shows you a great drill to work on your impact position.
December 16, 2012

Fairway Bunker Shots

In this video, Mike discusses the finer points of hitting fairway bunker shots. Mike’s Rules For Hitting Fairway Bunker Shots  Use a club with enough loft to get the ball out of […]