Winter Golf Tip: The 52 Degree Rule

Winter Golf Tip:  The 52 Degree Rule


Winter golf can be challenging to say the least.  The layers of clothes, lack of distance, cold and wet playing conditions make things difficult.  Here is general rule of thumb to help you play better in the winter months.

Some funny things happen at 52 degrees.  I give credit to my long time friend and PGA Professional Bryan Costello from New Jersey for this one.  If the temperature drips below 52 degrees, it is more likely that the ball won’t travel as far.  Since the ball won’t go as far, you must automatically add more distance to all your shots.  Try it!  I hope it works for you!

Mike Fay

Mike Fay

PGA Director of Instruction

With over 30 years of teaching experience, it's easy to see why Mike has become a leader in the world of golf instruction. Everything from cutting edge social networking techniques to having his own podcast, Mike has helped to change the face of teaching golf.  He currently is the Director of Instruction at Walnut Creek Country Club in South Lyon, Michigan.

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