MFG Show EP 5 | Build A Better Wedge Game

Show Notes:

This is episode 5 of the Mike Fay Golf Show.  On today’s show Brandon Stooksbury, Frank Guastella, and Mike discuss how to build a better wedge game.

Today’s discussion questions include:

What do you have your players think about before they hit their short game shots?

Is it important to be fitted with your wedges?  How do you know when the bounce on your wedge is incorrect?

What is the most common problem you see with player’s wedge games?

What’s your feeling about softer shafts vs. stiffer shafts with wedges?  How about weight of the shaft?

Do you change the club depending upon the lie you have?

How do you get your players to practice the short game more?

Brandon Stookbury’s new book The Wedge Book and be purchased on Amazon.

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