In episode 15 of the Mike Fay Golf Show Frank Guastella, Brent Davis, Jason Helman, and Mike Fay discuss:

Tonight’s LINEUP is sponsored by Tifosi Optics: Helman’s Hot 5 Pros are human too.
1. Saw 2 four putts on the back 9 of the Riv today. Bubba and the leader Justin
2. JB called out on Twitter for slow play. 1:18 to hit a putt
3. Kuchar saga called out on social media 50K going to the caddie so he can start a business
4. Spieth takes 5 to get out of the bunker on the 10th
5. Korda family achieves the family Grand Slam huh!
Fix My Swing where we have viewers send in their own golf swings and we help them live.
Playing By The Rules Frank discussed the flag stick being in or out while putting.
Also, about Matt Kuchar’s caddie events. Fay’s Useless Knowledge Know how long it will take to make dinner before you venture in.
Brent Davis announced that a new article is up on the website taking about Sand Green Golf and if anyone has ever played it. For that matter, where is the strangest place you have ever played golf? Here’s a link to Brent’s new article:

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