MFG Show EP 10 | James Hong | How To Prepare To Play In Golf Tournaments

Show Notes:

On this week’s show Jason Helman, James Hong, and Mike discuss how to prepare for golf tournaments.  Some of the questions raised where:
How do you gain the confidence to just to play in golf tournaments?
Do you do anything special the days leading into a golf tournament?
Playing a practice round and what do you do to prepare for that golf tournament?
How do we handle golf tournament expectations?
How to handle nerves on the golf course.

MFG SHOW EP 9 | What Is The Biggest Misconception With Putting?

Show Notes:

In episode 9 of the Mike Fay Golf Show Jason Helman, Jason Sutton and Mike Fay have a discussion about putting.  The discussion questions include:
What are some things you look for in all good putters?
What makes good putters consistent?
What is the biggest misconception about putting?
What is the biggest contributor to 3 putting?
Speed control, sweet spot control, speed and acceleration profiles
Is there anything that you wouldn’t change in a player’s putting stroke?

MFG SHOW EP 7 | How To Get Recruited To Play College Golf

Show Notes:

In this episode of the MFG Show Frank Guastella, Brandi Jackson, and Mike have a discussion about college recruitment in sports. How do you get recruited? What is important to today’s coaches? How can your personal coach help you get recruited? You can subscribe to our channel on You Tube or this show is available on iTunes. Thanks for watching and listening!

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