Performance Tools


Mike uses a variety of performance tools to help you play better golf.  They are listed below.



Gears Logo With Transparent Background GEARS is a full swing club and body tracking system used by PGA pros, club fitters, and club manufacturers to measure and analyze every nuance of a swing, in full 3D, from address to follow-through.

Built on the same technology used by biomechanists and filmmakers, GEARS is the most advanced motion capture solution developed specifically for golf.  Mike uses Gears to help you understand what your body is doing and measure improvement.




Mike Fay V1 Golf Academy



Mike is committed to making you the best player you can be. That’s why Mike uses the V1 Pro Digital Coaching Software to teach.  Once a session is completed, Mike can email you a copy of the summary of your session.  All sessions are kept in your “Swing Locker” for you to view at anytime and anywhere through You can even see your sessions on your Smart Phone with his app if you wish.


Mike Fay Trackman Trackman is the leading ball flight Doppler radar system in the world.  Used by LPGA and PGA Tour players alike, Trackman has changed the way we coach golf.  Mike uses Trackman to help you understand what your golf ball is doing and how to improve your overall game.




tpi-certified-swingman transparent


A TPI Certified Professional by the Titleist Performance Institute, Mike can not only help you with your golf swing but also provide you guidance in golf fitness.  If your body can’t get the club in the right positions, Mike can help you get it there!





Mike uses Coach Now to connect directly to his students.  All coaching sessions use Coach Now to record progress.

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