Factors of Controlling Golf Ball Spin

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November 14, 2014
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Factors of Controlling Golf Ball Spin

Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

We all watch the pros on TV and think:  How did they get that golf ball to stop so fast?  How about back up? What makes that golf ball spin so much?

Making the ball spin is cool, but using the spin and knowing how to do it to lower your score is very important.


Yes, the more you can control the spin, the more you can control your distance, the closer you hit the ball to the target.

So, what influences spin?  A number of factors but mainly:  FRICTION

Friction?  Yes friction created with club to ball contact. Ever wonder why when you are next to the green in the rough and your ball won’t stop on the green?  This is because grass gets trapped between the clubface and the ball and….less friction….less spin….less stopping power.  This is also the reason why a golf ball spins more of a tighter cut of grass.

Another factor effecting spin is speed.  The more speed you can have around the green, typically the more spin you can create.

So now you know the some factors you need to create spin.  The more spin, the more control.

Here’s a video by NBC Learn and the USGA with high speed video of what ball and club contact actually looks like.  Awesome stuff!

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