Mike’s ability to communicate ideas and put theory into practice is second to none. He is able to diagnose the intricate aspects of the golf swing and relay that information to you in a manner that is comfortable, simple and effective. Through technology, Mike is able to capture the essence of your golf swing which pays off immediately. Unfortunately for my playing partners, my work with Mike has allowed me to not only enjoy the game but also make a dent in their wallets! Sorry, guys. Simply stated, If you want to become a better golfer, see Mike.

Scott Kapla, St. Claire Shores, Michigan

Mike’s lessons have been a enormous help, he has immense knowledge & understanding of the golf swing,  What I thought was happening with my swing, it wasn’t even  close.  Mike’s use of video, has been a great tool in getting my swing on the right path. You want to develop your swing see Mike”

Bob Simpson, Walloon Lake, Michigan

Michael E. Standing“Mike Fay is the consummate golf professional, he is engaging and works hard to not only instruct a player, but to understand the player and their particular needs.  He is approachable and willing to work with anyone, he’s got a lot of patience to go along with his skill set.  We had the good fortune to have Mike as our lead Assistant Pro and Instructor at Fairmount Country Club in Chatham, NJ for 4 years.  During that time Mike grew the Junior program, he got my son hooked on the game.  We miss him at FCC and envy the golfers who get to work with Mike improving their performance and deepening their love of the game.”

Michael E. Standing, Chatham, New Jersey