Short Putt Drill


Short Putt Drill


I started doing this drill back in 1998 while playing on the NGA Hooters Tour.  In fact I remember where, it was Sikeston, MO at The Boot Heel GC.  Ever since then, I always go back to this drill to keep my putting sharp.

Did you know that PGA Tour players make about 98% of their three footers?  Also, believe it or not, they only make about 53% of their six footers.  Amazing huh!  Most people would think way more would be made but as you know TV coverage only shows the players making putts, not the players who are not close to the lead.  With all that being said, here’s what I did to become a good putter.  Maybe it will help you too.


Here’s what you need:  putter, many balls, measuring tape, and 9-12 tees.

Take the measuring tape on the putting green and measure three feet from the hole on three different sides of the hole.  Try to make it and uphill putt, downhill putt, and a sidehill putt.  Next move back from the hole to six feet and do the same thing on three different sides.  If you really have time to work on it I went even farther out:  3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 15ft.

Next, take as many balls as you would like and putt from your tees.   I usually hit my shag bag of balls (80) from each location.  Even if you have a few minutes at each station around the hole you can find out some cool things about your putting.  Things like:  which putt (uphill, downhill, sidehill) do I make the most and least.  Then play games with yourself like:  how many balls can I make in a row and so on….

I hopes this helps you make more putts

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Mike Fay

Mike Fay

PGA Director of Instruction

With over 30 years of teaching experience, it's easy to see why Mike has become a leader in the world of golf instruction. Everything from cutting edge social networking techniques to having his own podcast, Mike has helped to change the face of teaching golf.  He currently is the Director of Instruction at Walnut Creek Country Club in South Lyon, Michigan.

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