The Ramp

The small, portable RAMP develops proper Path, Lag, Impact, and Pivot, the four fundamental principles of Top 100 teacher Ted Sheftic's teaching philosophy.

Bring the clubhead up the RAMP between the two red lines, and you have a visual cue that you are on the correct swing path/plane on the backswing. The RAMP then gives you auditory and kinesthetic feedback that you are keeping your downswing lag and coming into the proper impact position. Used correctly, the RAMP also promotes correct body rotation and pivot through the ball.

This new, dynamic training aid gives you instant feedback and creates a powerful, repeatable golf swing. The RAMP has two fixed legs at the bottom that angle the ramp slightly and may be used for hybrids through wedge. If you want immediately to "ramp" up your game to get to the next level, then Ted Sheftic’s RAMP is for you.


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