Adult Coaching Program


Getting good at golf is a commitment of time and an investment in the game.  Mike has designed a few golf coaching programs that will allow you to grow as a player and have more enjoyment of the game!  These programs are available year round. 



Video Analysis
The use of video analysis is extremely important to your progress as a player.  Mike uses the high speed cameras to record your swing, analyze it with you, and send you a copy for your records as well.  Having that back-up is priceless to both coach and student.

Short Game Evaluation
Complete Mike’s Short Game Test with complete evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.  Then make a plan to fix it!  Work with Mike on all areas of the shot game including chipping, pitching, putting, and bunker play.

On-Course Play
Just to see what you do on the course vs. practice facility.  Work on scoring better and using your strengths to your advantage on the course.  We also get you mentally tough to play better golf!


Includes everything from the 5 session plus:


A revolutionary 3D motion system that allows you to see your swing like your have never seen it before!  This full swing club and body tracking system is used my PGA Tour Professionals, club fitters, and club manufacturers to analyze every aspect of your swing from address to follow-through.  The only place in Michigan you can take advantage of GEARS Golf is at Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  Check out GEARS Golf below:

TPI Golf Fitness Evaluation

Golf fitness is more important than ever.  Mike is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute to give you a body screening to see your strongest and weakest parts of your body.  Having this knowledge and working on these areas allows you to swing the golf club better. Let Mike design a golf fitness program just for you.

Trackman Ball Flight Analysis
The world’s most famous ball flight analyzer is here at BOYNE.  Used by the world’s best players, Trackman gives you factual swing and ball flight information.  Mike uses Trackman to show you where your swing is now and how to improve.

Trackman Combine
Do you want a complete evaluation of your game?  How about distance and direction control? The Trackman Combine offers you a chance to see how you have progressed and which yardages/clubs you need to work on most.  It’s a great way to monitor your play!

*All private coaching sessions are by appointment only.  Valid for the 2018 golf season.  Have questions or for pricing please contact Mike below.