Should You Try To Keep Your Head Down?

Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI
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April 22, 2011
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Should You Try To Keep Your Head Down?

Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Golf could be the world’s hardest game to master. What game do you know of where you always could have done better? Perhaps this is the reason we love the game so much. What makes hitting a golf ball so difficult is that the ball doesn’t move . . . we do.

The body moving up or down during the swing causes the head to follow. For example, if the body moves up during the backswing, it sets the body above the ball from where it started and vice versa. This causes golfers to top the ball, hit the ground before the ball, or completely miss it altogether.

The key to hitting solid golf shots is allowing your body to turn around the spine without changing the level of the posture at address. This posture includes both the spine and knees. For example, straightening the knees in the backswing causes your spine and head to rise above the level set at address.

The position of the head in that posture is important too. The chin should remain high enough to allow the shoulders to turn under it on both the backswing and follow through.

No one ever intentionally kept their head down during a good golf swing – that’s right, no one. Maintaining proper posture throughout the swing keeps your head down. There is no need to lower your head at address. Keep that chin up!

By Mike Fay, PGA
Published by Daily Record-Tips from the Pros-Parsippany, New Jersey

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