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Get help where ever you go!  Mike provides his players online coaching around the globe.  So whether it’s on your favorite golf course, on the range, or from your very own living room, coaching with one of America’s best instructors is just steps away.  Mike coaches players LIVE with FaceTime or Skype.


Using the V1 Coaching Software Mike can take a look at your swing and offer some suggestions for improvement with side by side comparisions and voice over.  He will often attach a drill or two to help you with your game.

Here’s how to submit your swing to Mike:

  1. Video your swing from both down the line and face on views with your camera phone or video camera.
  2. Upload your swing below or email it directly to Mike at
  3. You receive an invoice from PayPal.
  4. Once evaluation is completed, usually within 3 business days, your lesson will be sent back to you with tips and drills to improve your game.

VERY IMPORTANT! Mike needs both down the line and face on views to do a proper analysis of your swing.

For pricing or have any questions at all, please contact Mike below.

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