Bad Takeaways Can Lead To Bad Golf Swings

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March 13, 2014
Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI
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March 20, 2014
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Bad Takeaways Can Lead To Bad Golf Swings

Mike Fay Golf Instruction Boyne MI

Staying connected is a major source of power in the golf swing.  We usually see two different faults that can cause you problems with connection and they both are rooted in the takeaway.  Both can rob you from solid contact and power.

The first of these faults is shown below.  The path of the club on the right shows a takeaway that is way above the desired line of the backswing.  This usually leads to lifting of the body on the backswing, sometimes a reverse spine angle, and lack of rotation of the shoulders and torso.  From this position at the top, without a serious re-routing of the club, tends to lead the player to bring the club back down on the same very steep “over the top” path.   Making for non-solid golf shots and a ball that travels off line.

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The next fault we often see is a disconnection of the upper lead arm and hands on the takeaway.  A “handsy” takeaway that leads the club too far under the plane line on the backswing.  This also causes a lack of rotation of the shoulders because the lead arm is running into the torso to quickly.  The trail arm needs enough space on the downswing.  Without creating that space on the takeaway, you are doomed from the start.  This can also lead to a “over the top” motion.

Below is a video where Mike describes a drill that will help you get that club started on the right path and keep you connected.

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